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My development work over the last few decades is bearing fruit: Plyo Kinetics GmbH. In cooperation with becorp GmbH - VTequi.line and Rhomberg-Rochelt Horses GmbH, we have succeeded in integrating specific requirements of medical training therapy for horses into existing therapy equipment and developing new equipment based on the Stammer Kinetics® concept. This enables medical training therapy for horses, as in human medicine. The devices from Plyo Kinetics GmbH enable both muscle and tendon structures in functional chains to be influenced with therapeutically effective stimuli with regard to the suspension mechanism. They are the core of medical training therapy and are used for prevention, regeneration after intensive training and rehabilitation after injuries.

Plyo Kinetics GmbH

The horse in positive tension

The concept as a book.

This book is aimed at all riders and equestrian sports enthusiasts who are interested in the fascinating background to the mechanics of equine movement and would like to use this to have a positive influence on their horse's training.

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