The Treatment

Are you interested in treating your horse using the Stammer Kinetics™ concept? Find out more about the methodology, possibilities and limitations of this unique concept.

The Methode

Recognising the horse's movement profile

Every horse has a unique approach to organising its movement due to its individual combination of conformation, interior, the elasticity of its connective tissue and the way its muscles function. The better you learn to recognise and understand this individual concept of your horse, the closer you will get to the optimal training method. This corresponds to equine riding theory and has no ideological barriers.

Help for movement correction

Once faulty movement patterns have been established due to incorrect training, injuries, problems with equipment or posture, a comprehensive analysis is required. Stammer Kinetics™ offers you this analysis and objective representation of the movement sequences as well as the functional and structural stability of your horse. It is an important building block on the way to successful movement correction.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy restores the horse's optimal and individual movement patterns. Every technique from osteopathy, classical physiotherapy and medical training therapy is only as good as how it is applied to the horse. Is your horse mentally ready to accept the treatment? How deeply does it allow the therapist to penetrate its tissue? Can complex functional chains be visibly triggered from the outside? With over 20 years of experience, I guarantee to fulfill these criteria - without any ifs or buts!


The Limits

If the horse's structure, such as tendons, joints, internal organs or psyche, is too badly damaged, complete regeneration may be impossible. Recognizing this and presenting it with confidence is just as much part of a therapist's job as the positive results and experiences. In the case of certain forms of lameness, suspected unclear pain and defensive behaviour or other unclear impairments to the horse's health, the limits of the therapy must be clearly recognized and named.


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